Choir Workshops and Retreats


Choir retreat meets many objectives regarding a functioning choir. Holding a retreat is a powerful tool for revitalizing and focusing vision. Christ often withdrew with His        disciples for a time of teaching and prayer. An annual choir retreat affords abundant opportunities for building relationships with each other, for conducting rehearsals of new    music, and for encouraging spiritual renewal with the Lord.


1. Relationships. Friday night focuses on fellowship and is the kickoff for the 2-day choir retreat. Hectic schedules and limited time often severely diminish the choir’s ability to simply get to know each other. An informal banquet along with icebreaker activities and games are all that are needed to allow the choir time to relax together. Encourage the sharing of past memories and milestones in the choir’s history and endeavor to create new memories that night. Close the evening by sharing a theme and a key Scripture verse for the coming year’s ministry.


2. Rehearsal and renewal. While fellowship continues to play a role on Saturday, rehearsal and renewal are the focal points of the activities. Generous allotments of time for praise and     worship can be interspersed with rehearsals. Consider utilizing a music workshop during this times. speaking on the dynamics of prayer and worship and on the role of music in missions can give a fresh perspective coupled with a dynamic altar ministry can literally fan into flame a revival spirit in your choir and transform your music ministry. In addition to spiritual renewal, emphasis is placed on developing skills in music reading, vocal development, and memorization. Assess the overall range of needs of your choir and develop a 5-year plan for spiritual and musical growth.

Sample of Workshop Topics
  • Knowing Your limitations
  • Taping your parish communities recourses.
  • What does a choir truly have to offer?
  • Enhancing the Sunday Liturgy through psalm and song.
  • Organ, Guitar, Piano. Nobody plays for free.

Recourses and instruction for the church musician.

  • Recruiting is not for sissies.

The ins and outs of recruiting members into your ministry.

  • Building Ministry In the Rural Church

Becoming aware of  the needs and lifestyles of the rural church.

  • The choir as worship leader

How to enhance the effects of a choir on the Sunday Liturgy.

  • Catholic Music History 101

You don’t have a future unless you know your past.

  • Chant

Exploring the use of chant in today’s Sunday Liturgy

  • GIRM Warfare

Becoming familiar with the General Instruction of the Roman Missal.

  • Choir Member/Soloist

Vocal techniques, making sixteen voices sound like sixty


“Music has the power to lead us back … to the Creator of all harmony, creating a resonance within us which is like being in tune with the beauty and truth of God, with the reality which no human knowledge or philosophy can ever express.”
Benedict XVI